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Claim mriver - Mississippi River Captured

Category: Science & Technology:General Science bid 1, ask 6, last 1
Owner:6949, Mome-Rath
Judge:6944, jiminal01
due date:2024/12/31

The Claim

By December 31, 2024, More than 50 percent of the Mississippi River's flow will be captured by the Atchafalaya River, resulting in the diversion of the Mississippi's main channel through the Atchafalaya Basin, entering the Gulf of Mexico near Morgan City.

The United States Army Corps of Engineers currently maintains a series of flood control structures to restrict the portion of the Mississippi River's latitude flow captured by the Atchafalaya River to a maximum of 30 percent. Flooding in 1973 led to erosion scour at one of the Old River Control Structures (OCRS), allowing nearly 35 percent captured latitude flow until repairs were completed in 1977. Some experts predict that failure of the OCRS could occur if snowfall between Saskatchewan and New York exceeds that of the winter of 1972/1973.

This is a scaled claim (linear). Yes pays 1.00 in 2004, 0.00 in 2024.

The claim shall be judged TRUE when the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers acknowledges that more than half of the Mississippi River's flow has been captured for any period of time. This may be in the form of a press release, public statement, published data, or any other form of acknowledgement accepted by this claim's judge. In the case that the Corps of Engineers no longer has jurisdiction over the subject waterway, acknowledgement by the current jurisdictional agency shall suffice.

Reference: Ecology of the Mississippi River Delta Region, Loyola University New Orleans

Judge's Statement


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