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Claim seal - Med. Monk Seal Extinct by 2034

Category: News:World News bid 51, ask 53, last 52
Owner:0, Bank
Judge:681, Bemke
due date:2035/01/01

The Claim

The Mediterranean Monk Seal (monachus monachus) will be extinct by the end of the year 2034. This will be judged true if marine biologists considered it to be at least 90% certain that there are no living specimens of the species remaining either in captivity or in the wild at any time before the end of the year 2034.

If biologists have stored eggs, sperm, embryos or DNA in a frozen or otherwise suspended state with a possibility of reviving the species in the future, these would not be considered living specimens for the purposes of this claim. Furthermore, the claim can be judged true before 2034 even if there remains a possibility of reviving the species from frozen specimens before 2034. I.e. the species will be considered to have become extinct even if it is later revived. If there is a single animal remaining alive until the end of 2034 then the claim will be judged false even if it is a male and there is no further hope of saving the species.

The Mediterranean Monk Seal is listed in the top 20 of endangered species at http://www.wcmc.org.uk/infoserv/species/sp_top20.html.

I plan to record any information I receive about the Mediterranean Monk Seal at http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/Phil_Gibbs/seal.htm

Judge's Statement


The Market

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